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Digitally Native | Modular | Geography Agnostic

X Corporations is a revolutionary incorporation system that leverages the best in class legal structures from around the world by reference.

We propose a global digital corporate registry system for the 21st century, capable of evolving to meet the changing requirements of businesses and institutions in the future. This system will streamline procedures, prioritize privacy protection, and establish the groundwork for future trusted transactions among global businesses.

X Corporations are based on leading legal frameworks, starting with Delaware C-Corporations. Future entities will be able to migrate to their existing documents with ease and take advantage of the benefits of a modern, digitally native offshore registry with minimal fees. With over 1 million offshore entities currently registered, we aspire to create a leading worldwide alternative for entrepreneurs and business owners.

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Digitally Native

Speed | Elegance | Scalability
Digital incorporation enables entrepreneurs and business owners to create entities rapidly and without additional legal costs associated with legacy paper based registries. Our proposed standard will first leverage Delaware corporate code in exempted jurisdictions, with digital payments handled seamlessly from a single console.
  • Transparent - Seamlessly publish public records and references, while keeping important information private.
  • Paperless - Reduce paperwork to zero, while massively improving user experience.
  • Flexible - Allow companies to create different types of entities and verify information proactively for their businesses.
  • Interactive - Enable accounts to directly interact with government offices and service providers within a unified system with a simple user experience.
  • Secure - End-to-end data security and optional on-chain record keeping.

Modular Legal System

C-Corp | LLC | Trust | DAO
X Corporations will support multiple entity types. The modular legal system allows for new classes of corporation types to be registered, based on user needs. Arbitration options are set in advance by jurisdictions, bringing clarity to founders and investors alike.
Example Entity Types:
C-Corp - Based on Delaware C- Corporations
LLC - Based on Delaware LLCs
Adoption of law and regulations from leading jurisdictions using other classes of corporations can be made available under the same legal architecture via regulatory procedure. The examples are numerous, subsequent entity types can be adopted by any jurisdiction as they become available on the X Corporations platform.

Global from Day One

Launching soon
Registering a corporation overseas can be a complex and challenging process, with wide variation of domestic laws and regulations, expensive legal fees, and intricate reporting procedures. The majority of offshore registries adhere to British common law, which is frequently associated with cumbersome processing and intricate requirements, and are run by governments that are often slow to act. It is imperative that starting a business becomes more accessible, and that founders and business owners can access these services conveniently, regardless of their country of origin.
Similar to BVI and the Cayman Islands, this structure allows for non-resident corporate formation. The X Corporations system is being developed and will soon be adopted in sovereign nations around the world. This revolutionary platform will enable entrepreneurs and businesspeople worldwide to access high-quality digital incorporation with the click of a mouse.
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